* Welcome to Mirastar *


This is my english page especially for people like you,

from  throughout  the  world.


   You  will find here some information about astrology, the universe and

the stars, but also nice wisdoms, pictures from travelling and much more. 

               ... and who is Mira?

This assumed name I choose many  years ago for a special reason:

"Mira-Star" exists in the universe by the Sign "Whale-Fish". In Latin

"Mira" means "Miracle" and in the slav area "Peace". For myself this

name shows my eternal astonishment about the marvelous creation

of the universe. Full of reverence I look into the sky:  how peaceful 

the stars are shining, pull on their course...  Are our problems often

 not only little things,- from this point of view?


All the best for you,










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